People telling me why they love what I do for them.

An ever growing selection of unsolicited testimonials from recent private clients


thank you for the images. i am delighted with them.

October 2019


Thank you so much for these beautiful photographs.

October 2019


Thanks Mark the Photos are brilliant

October 2019


Many thanks for the photos, they are fantastic and I’m sure will make for a very eye catching brochure!

September 2019


Thanks for these , as always they look amazing.

September 2019


Thank you so much for the amazing photos of our house.

September 2019


I think your photos are absolutely stunning. I don’t think I have ever seen any better!

August 2019


Love em, love em, love em!!! You’re very talented.

August 2019


Dear Mark the photos are sensational. They are quite stunning.

August 2019


so happy with these photos

August 2019


they are incredible and we are thrilled with them

August 2019


thank you for the wonderful photographs you took, we love them

August 2019


Thank you so much for the photos, they are stunning

July 2019


Thank you Mark these are brilliant.

July 2019


Oh my goodness Mark the pictures are stunning!

July 2019


They look amazing! Thank you again.

July 2019


I have to say that they are absolutely fabulous so thank you for doing such a great job.

July 2019

They look fantastic Mark.

Thank you!

June 2019


WOW these look incredible

May 2019


Thanks for turning these around so quickly.

They look great

April 2019


Mark these are just beautiful! Thank you so much…am sending onto clients etc now. But I love them!

March 2019


Thank you they are exactly what we wanted!

February 2019


Cracking job Mark

February 2019


I thought you might like to see this comment which came from ‘XXXXX’ secretary:

“The Drone pictures look fab, what a talented photographer he is”.

January 2019


Wow!! The photos are amazing, you have done a fab job. Thank you.

January 2019


What excellent photos Mark. Someone or more is going to love it – like we do! Thanks so much.

December 2018

Interiors-Bathroom-Photographer-Farnham-Mark Hardy.jpg

Great pics thanks so much!

November 2018

Drone-Photographer-Surrey-Estate Agent-Mark Hardy.jpg

These are stunning photos, thank you so much

October 2018

Editorial-Interior-Surrey-Photographer-Mark Hardy.jpg

Wow, Wow, Wow and WOW!!!!

Amazing job thanks Mark. I’m soooo impressed.

October 2018


the photo’s look great!

October 2018


Always brilliant, thanks Mark

October 2018


Client loved the House photos

September 2018


I’m really pleased with these photos, you did a great job!

August 2018


Thanks mark, the client is very happy

August 2018


Thank you once again; great job, delighted!

August 2018


They're gorgeous!

August 2018


Thanks Mark, fantastic work!

July 2018


Fab pics!!

July 2018


Thank you – they’re brilliant

June 2018


Amazing pics. Thanks Mark

June 2018


Many thanks Mark, you have done a super job

June 2018


Thank you so much for your wonderful collection of photos

June 2018


fabulous pictures, thank you

June 2018


Wow Mark, your photos just get better and better!!

May 2018


please keep using which ever photographer did these images as they’re really well done

May 2018


Mark, thank you so much – these and The Barn images are fabulous.

May 2018


These are absolutely stunning, thank you so, so much

May 2018


I think the photos are brilliant

May 2018


Photos are lovely thanks

April 2018


Thanks for these photos they look great

April 2018


a grateful client so thank you for the fab pics – it does make our job easier!!

April 2018


Thank you. Pictures look lovely as always

April 2018


Thanks Mark they look amazing

April 2018


Thank you Mark – looking great!!

April 2018

Drone photography Hampshire

Many thanks, Mark.

The photos look fabulous

March 2018


Thanks Mark,

they are superb

March 2018


Thanks so much for these, I think you did an amazing job

March 2018


Thanks Mark - these are lovely shots.

February 2018


Love the photos you did of Boundstone Road on Wednesday – they look amazing. Really pleased.

January 2018

 Images owned by Mark Hardy.

Thanks Mark, outstanding pictures as usual, really exceptional

January 2018


Just wanted to thank you for the photos you sent us. They look fantastic. We were both very pleased with your professional and considerate approach

January 2018

 Images owned by Mark Hardy ©

we absolutely love your photos! They've almost made us want to stay here

January 2018

 Images owned by Mark Hardy.

Great job Mark, thanks!

December 2017

Drone Photography Hampshire Estate agents

We were thrilled with all the photos and drone photos that you did.

November 2017

Farnham Bedroom pictures Mark Hardy house photography

Thank you so much the photos are absolutely awesome, stunning.

November 2017

Garden Pictures in Farnham Bloom Mark Hardy Photographer

Your photos were absolutely great and thank you so much for achieving such great results

November 2017

Kitchen in Haslemere estate agents Mark Hardy

What can I say other than WOW the pictures are truly awesome

November 2017

Haslemere Surrey House photographer Hardy

WOW! the man is a genius!

October 2017

Farnham Surrey estate agent photographs Mark Hardy

Hi Mark,

There are some magnificent photos especially of the outside of the house, thank you

October 2017

Drone Photography House Mark Hardy Farnham

Hi Mark, Thanks for the photos they really are fabulous.

October 2017

Property Photographer West Sussex Mark Hardy

Hi Mark,

Again, fantastic job once again!

October 2017

Lifestyle Photography Surrey

Hi Mark,

These are superb!

Thanks a lot!

October 2017

Elevated Pole Photography Farnham Surrey

Thank you so much for the photos. They’re fab! Really great

September 2017

Family Room pictures Surrey Mark Hardy

Hi Mark

Thank you again for great photos

September 2017

Farnham property photographer Surrey

The photos are brilliant – you have a great eye for bringing out the salient features

September 2017

Hook Development photography

Wow Mark, I love them!!! and more importantly so do the customers!! Brilliant thank you so much!

August 2017

Location Photographer Mark Hardy

Thank you – our house looks lovely!

August 2017

Haslemere House Photography

Thanks so much for the photos – we thought they were brilliant!

June 2017

Sitting Room Photograph Farnham

Mark the photos are just fantastic - what a great record for us to have

Thank you very much

June 2017

Mark Hardy Kitchen Photographer

The photos are great! They make the house look fantastic

May 2017