Privacy policy - updated 23rd May 2018

The following is intended as a transparent statement to ensure you the client are aware how your data is handled and stored by Mark Hardy.

1) All data collected and stored by Mark Hardy is for the sole intention of producing Marketing material for you the client. No data is sold or passed to third parties without you the clients expressed written permission. Any data collected and stored using third party companies are documented below along with links to their privacy policies. All third parties are used because they adhere to GDPR rules and regulations.

2) Data is collected by Mark Hardy is done so via a booking form which is filled out either directly by a client or by parties who the client have authorised to act on their behalf. The booking form is hosted by a UK based company 'Light Blue Software' and posted via HTML in a password protected section of Mark Hardy's website which is hosted by the company 'Squarespace'. The information entered is delivered directly to Mark Hardy's management software produced by 'Light Blue Software'. A copy is also send to Mark Hardy's email which is hosted by Google.

3) The booking form requests and collects the following data:

  • The E-mail address of the party completing the form
  • The Property Address including postcode
  • The Vendor / house owner / residents contact details. This may include, Full Names, additional addresses, land line and mobile phone numbers, email addresses.
  • The services required of Mark Hardy
  • The property size - How many bedrooms
  • The approximate Market Value
  • Any additional notes

A full un edited copy of the completed booking form is available upon required by parties who have any of their data included in such document.

4) The data send through the booking form syncs with Mark Hardy's computer and phone via 'light blue software' The contact details from the booking form may then be used on the said phone to contact the client and arrange an appointment. At no time is the number dialled associated with any names or saved in any contact book outside of 'light blue software' The phone used is an apple iPhone and as such is encrypted with a password. Any emailed correspondence is done via either Light blue software or Google email which is accessed and viewed online, or via the gmail app on the iPhone.

5) All forms such as this or terms and conditions are sent and stored via 'Light Blue software' unless a hard copy is needed in which case a PDF will be printed and if necessary stored in a lockable filling cabinet within an alarmed secure property. Any forms sent to you for your reference fall outside of Mark Hardy's control and security of such forms and information within such as Mark Hardy's personal data will then fall under your own privacy policy compliance.

6) Light Blue Software which holds digital data runs of 2 devices. An encrypted iPhone and an iMac with all security updates and 'File Vault' enabled. This iMac is also protected by fully licensed and updated versions of Intego software security suite.

7) Images and other digital marketing material are stored locally the iMac and then backed up each month on an encrypted password protected external hard drive which is then locked up in storage. Processed Jpg images are also stored online using the service 'Shootproof'. Shootproof is GDPR compliant and hosts the images in password protected galleries. The images are grouped and linked by the first line of the property address or property name.

8) Payment is accepted via the services 'Paypal', 'Stripe', via direct bank transfer, cash and cheque.

No card information or bank details are taken or held by Mark Hardy. They are dealt with by the companies - Paypal, Stripe, and HSBC. Each of their privacy policies are linked in section

  • Light Blue software will generate a transaction code along with a clients name who have paid using Paypal or stripe.
  • HSBC will pay reference to a payers account name and any reference they have attached on Mark Hardy's statements.
  • HSBC with reference cheques with a number and nothing else. That cheque number may be entered into light blue software within a clients details as point of reference for payment.

9) Whilst Mark Hardy will attach no personal data to images in a public domain other than files which may be named for reference as the property name or street name and number, it is important that clients understand their responsibility to protect their personal privacy while the images are being taken. 

Mark Hardy will always blank any car registration plates which may appear in the images. Clients agree that they will remove any personal images or persons which may cause them to be identified in the images from the areas being photographed prior to Mark Hardy's arrival. By leaving or failing to mention to Mark Hardy before the photos are taken said items the client is agreeing they are happy for them to be featured in the public domain.

Jpg final images may be referenced to within Light Blue software against the appropriate client information. These images are only referenced locally from the computer.

Original image files may contain personal data which is later blanked out. These original files are stored locally as described above but may be entirely deleted upon request.

10) By allowing Mark Hardy to photograph you are agreeing that he may use the images for promotional and marketing material on his website and social media feeds. If you do not wish these images to be shared in such a way you must mention to him at the time the time of the shoot. It is important to know that Mark Hardy will in no way ever post in the public domain any material that may be linked to someones identity. This includes images which feature persons who currently reside in that property. He may however feature paintings, and other artworks which may compliment the shot. The photographer unless otherwise stated always retains the copyright to the images.

11) Mark Hardy uses 'in the very least' 2 step login verification for the following data collecting services:

  • Google
  • Squarespace
  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • HSBC

12) You have the right to be forgotten, and upon any such request from the party in question Mark Hardy will delete any records he has on that client. It is important to realise that whilst Mark Hardy is able to delete contact details, and images. It is not possible to delete payment transactions as these records may be required by the HMRC. Records can also not be deleted if they relate to overdue or unpaid invoices.

13) This site uses cookies – small text files that are placed on your machine to help the site provide a better user experience. In general, cookies are used to retain user preferences, store information for things like shopping carts, and provide anonymised tracking data to third party applications like Google Analytics. As a rule, cookies will make your browsing experience better. However, you may prefer to disable cookies on this site and on others. The most effective way to do this is to disable cookies in your browser. We suggest consulting the Help section of your browser or taking a look at the About Cookies website which offers guidance for all modern browsers

14) Below are links to the privacy policies of third party companies Mark Hardy uses that relate to the handling of personal data.

Light Blue software -

Google mail -

Squarespace -

Shootproof -

Paypal -

Stripe -


For a PDF copy of this statement please contact Mark Hardy