Over £2.5 Billion worth of UK property photographed since 2007.

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I regularly work with a number of agencies directly representing high-profile individuals . I understand that discretion is ranked by my clients as one of my top attributes.



I ‘eat, sleep and breath’ Architectural and Interior Design photography. I have always stood by the philosophy that true passion and belief in what you do always comes through in the things you create. When it comes to producing Architectural Imagery I’m as passionate as it gets.



I have spent years tirelessly developing and constantly improving critical composition, colour and tonal balance to every image I produce and I carefully choose the brands I work closely with to maintain this precision of work.

Inside Britains tallest gothic tower

Hadlow Tower, or May’s Folly as it is affectionately known, is a Grade 1* listed folly and the tallest of its kind in the United Kingdom.

Shot in a day there was a lot to cover both inside and outside the Tower. Because of the circular shapes of the rooms inside and the nature of wide angled lenses I minimised distortion by shooting with a 19mm Tilt-shift lens. Each interior wide image is made up of 32 stitched images. My client wanted their marketing to appear in the portrait format so I provided some elevated portrait shots again stitched to maximise resolution without compromising on quality. In fact some of the shots were retouched at a whopping 300 megapixel resolution!


Designed and developed by a talented local Architect.

Wits End is a striking, modern detached family home in Haslemere, Surrey designed and developed by a talented local Architect.

I was both amazed and proud to hear the words from the client ‘I think you’re the first photographer to enjoy shooting this’.

It turned was in fact one of my favourite jobs of the year. Set amongst a sea of woodland and shot on a sunny autumn day the shoot was a combination of long exposures playing with gradients of natural light crossing strong architectural lines. This property played to my passion of capturing balancing lines and shapes with shadows guiding the eyes around the frame.

Mark Hardy Surrey Architectural photographer 1.jpg

Not just a house… a home.

The Barn & its linked converted Cowshed have amazing open plan living spaces beautifully designed and dressed. When you enter you don’t just see a house, you see a home, and then all I have to do it capture that feeling.

Photographed on a very bright sunny day the open inside spaces benefitted from the strong light reflecting off the paving outside to produce some subtle directional natural up lights in the rooms. The rooms were shot almost entirely using natural light.

The neutral wall colours played well when offset against the browns and yellow tones of the floor and furnishing adding punch in certain areas of the rooms enabling me to easily see compositions that had ‘balance’. 


Featuring across the Conte Nast network.

Photographed in an Autumn Afternoon this property is hidden on a private estate in the most beautiful setting amongst the South-Downs. The property and these photos featured in GQ, Vogue, Vanity Fair, House & Garden, World of Interiors as part of the Conde Nast network of publications.

The images I shot were done in an afternoon. The sun was popping in and out of clouds meaning I had to constantly adjust and react to changing light levels and colour casts. To achieve the even mood lighting I wanted for the image below I waited until the sun has past behind a cloud giving me some wide soft light through the left window and evened out the room on the right hand side using the fact that there is a large white wall directly outside of the window in the right hand side of the frame which acted like a giant ‘reflector’ for that side of the frame.


Modern Development for Modern Family Living

An incredibly well put together development shot for my client a Home Marketing Company.

What struck me when I entered this property was how well thought and and dressed the ‘entire’ house was. Nothing had been over looked. Working with talented Developers, Interior Designs and stylists makes my job as a photographer a joy. It means I can concentrate on exploring the best angles working with the available light on the day pushing myself creatively.

I will usually shoot commissions like this tethered to a computer as I have the time and space to light and retouch instantly on site.

Mark-Hardy-Architectural-Surrey-Photo 2.jpg