Featuring across the Conte Nast network.

Photographed in an Autumn Afternoon this property is hidden on a private estate in the most beautiful setting amongst the South-Downs. The property and these photos featured in GQ, Vogue, Vanity Fair, House & Garden, World of Interiors as part of the Conde Nast network of publications.

The images I shot were done in an afternoon. The sun was popping in and out of clouds meaning I had to constantly adjust and react to changing light levels and colour casts. To achieve the even mood lighting I wanted for the image below I waited until the sun has past behind a cloud giving me some wide soft light through the left window and evened out the room on the right hand side using the fact that there is a large white wall directly outside of the window in the right hand side of the frame which acted like a giant ‘reflector’ for that side of the frame.